My Satisfying Saturday…


As I’ve said before I love to dance and sing (and write!). 

So I started my Saturday at 7:30 am, bright and early, ready for my singing lesson. I had finally picked out all of my songs to sing for my exam that’s coming soon (I’ll keep posted).

I then came home made my lunch, dropped my sisters off at their dance lesson and then made my way to Comps (a dance competition). We were competing with our senior trio for the first time in 23 months as one of my friends said. We hadn’t practised too much either but we were fine because we came 1st!!

After our, let’s say, victory, me and my dad had to get some lunch so popped into Morrisons and went to the hot counter. Little did I know that their hash browns are gluten and dairy free! So I bought 3 for 75p!

After that, a few of us from our dance school did a little performance in a nursing home. In one of my dances I sing ‘There’s no business like show business’ and they started singing along! They were cute. 

After that I returned to dance where we did a jazz dance and pointe afterwards. I realised then that I’m not actually so bad. Have you ever tried on pointe shoes?

We ended the day with a long walk to buy a treat for dessert and settled down to watch ‘The Fifth Element’ and by the way it’s really good. 

I know this has been a long post but I actually had a very enjoyable or ‘satisfying Saturday’ which for a change was nice. 

I’ll probably write another one soon because just as I’ve been writing this I’ve come up with so many more ideas. 

Quote of the Day: (I’m sure you’ve heard it but..) ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’

Lots of Love

Alanna xx




I don’t know why I say that every time.

So today I was diving into the depths of Pinterest and came across some really inspirational quotes. As my little widget on this page seems to be playing up I thought I’d share one quote today.

I found this quote whilst watching a YouTube video (it must seem I don’t do anything else). I was watching Sazan Hendrix’s video called ‘How I got started Blogging and Youtubing’.

I found this one video and was really intrigued as she told me her story of how she first started a blog called ‘Spaz Attack’ which in England isn’t such a nice word 😉

However, the quote that was at the end of her video, on her channel called Sazan Hendrix, she said…

‘If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door’ -Milton Berle

I thought that it was was great. It tells you that you need to make your own opportunities and not wait for them to be given to you.

I hope this helps you in your day to day life as it’s helped me, this week, realise that I have to make my own opportunities, for me and for you.

Question of the day: What quotes have inspired you recently?

Lots of Love

Alanna xx

First week back at school…


As I said before, I started in Year 10 yesterday.

It doesn’t feel like I left.

Today was my second week back and I’ve already got two pieces of homework 😦

I just wanted to check in and say that I have actually gone back to school, this is where it all begins. At my particular school we started our GCSE’s last year in Year 9 so this year I am taking two exams this year: GCSE Music and GCSE Art (very artsy!).

I also wanted to know, even though it’s practically the beginning of the school year, if you have any revision tips that could be useful. I’ve spent lots of time on YouTube looking at tips and tricks but nothing has done the job yet.

Once I had gotten onto YouTube, I started watching video after video. One thing I did watch a lot of was ‘College Movie In Vlogs’. If you ever need any good storage tips or want to make your room look cute you should watch those videos because everything is just so cute and neat and organised.

Hopefully I’ll write again soon and will have done something more exciting.

Question of the Day: What is the worst piece of homework you have ever gotten?

Lots of Love

Alanna xx

Fairy Lights inspired by YouTube videos!


Getting to know me…


As the title says, I thought that it would be a good idea if you all got to know me a little better. I have told you a few things but as I’m starting fresh I thought that you may want to know. It’s like in a new friendship, you don’t start telling people interesting stuff that happens to you and not tell them your name.

So as you know my name is Alanna. I’m 14 years old and in this next school year I will be going into Year 10. I live in England and was born in England but my mum and dad were born in Asian countries. They have, however, lived here for most of their lives. I also have two sisters that are twins. They are 2 years younger than me, so they’re 12, but I got the short gene so they’re both taller than me (only by the littlest bit but it makes them feel good!). I also enjoy dancing and singing, playing the piano and acting.

I’m not sure what else to say about me…

… I also enjoy writing.

Lots of Love

Alanna xx


What am I actually doing?



I haven’t written a lot lately and once again I have been really busy.

I’ve been really busy trying to think of things to write but then I decided that I’m just going to write how I’m feeling at the moment, like my diary, but just written on the internet.

I have also rearranged my room, not that you needed to know, and now being in my room makes me feel more productive, like I could do so much more than I have been doing.

So I’m basically starting a fresh, again, and hopefully this time I will post more than I have recently.

Lots of Love

Alanna xx

Being Different…


Have you had a good week?

I’ve been busy dancing and revising (even though I failed my science test!)

I have also been meaning to tell you that I am gluten and dairy free…

I know that sounds weird. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for nearly 4 years! I became g.f.d.f. because I have eczema. My auntie, a nutritionist in Australia, suggested that the reason my skin was getting worse was because I was eating lots of g.f. and d.f. everyday. As soon as I came back from my holiday, my mum immediately took the normal bread, biscuits, butter and chocolate away from me. The worst thing was that I couldn’t eat cheese…

Now I cannot tell the difference between normal food and g.f.d.f. food. The people I tell don’t understand how I can eat anything but I hope that I can show you recipes that are healthy and delicious.

Do you have any intolerances and would you be able to give up the foods you love to have a healthier lifestyle?

Lots of Love

Alanna xx

An update…

Hi again,

As you can tell I haven’t been writing for a while because I’ve been sorting out my laptop and taking pictures to go on my site.


One thing I’ve noticed is that a sunny day makes your life better. For example, yesterday I did all of my work and managed to extra as I had finished all of it. The sun made me feel happy because I guess the sun does. Everything looks so bright; you feel very productive!

What makes you happy? Do you make other people happy?

Lots of Love

Alanna xx