Being Different…


Have you had a good week?

I’ve been busy dancing and revising (even though I failed my science test!)

I have also been meaning to tell you that I am gluten and dairy free…

I know that sounds weird. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for nearly 4 years! I became g.f.d.f. because I have eczema. My auntie, a nutritionist in Australia, suggested that the reason my skin was getting worse was because I was eating lots of g.f. and d.f. everyday. As soon as I came back from my holiday, my mum immediately took the normal bread, biscuits, butter and chocolate away from me. The worst thing was that I couldn’t eat cheese…

Now I cannot tell the difference between normal food and g.f.d.f. food. The people I tell don’t understand how I can eat anything but I hope that I can show you recipes that are healthy and delicious.

Do you have any intolerances and would you be able to give up the foods you love to have a healthier lifestyle?

Lots of Love

Alanna xx

An update…

Hi again,

As you can tell I haven’t been writing for a while because I’ve been sorting out my laptop and taking pictures to go on my site.


One thing I’ve noticed is that a sunny day makes your life better. For example, yesterday I did all of my work and managed to extra as I had finished all of it. The sun made me feel happy because I guess the sun does. Everything looks so bright; you feel very productive!

What makes you happy? Do you make other people happy?

Lots of Love

Alanna xx

alanna’s diary?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Welcome to my blog. I started this blog in April 2016 thinking that I could show the world who I am. Now I’ve found that I know what to write about! I’ve kept a diary for a while and it was becoming more often that I’d write in it. I’m only young but I still want to share lots of things with lots of people so they can learn from what I’ve done and are doing…

I hope you enjoy reading my ‘diary’…

Lots of Love

Alanna xx